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This International Limited Warranty is offered by OPS! Objects for a better service to consumers' advantage and does not replace, nor even limit the rights guaranteed by law in compliance with the requirement of the Directive 1999/44 / EC, as implemented in Italy by d. Decree no. 24 of February 2, 2002, relating to the sale and guarantees of consumer goods. It is therefore clear right of the consumer to make use of the rights of law regarding warranty or activating forms of protection and assistance under this standard warranty voluntarily submitted.



This warranty covers repair the clock to free replacement of defective components thereof recognized in the manufacture or, only if the repair is not by OPS! Objects deemed possible or convenient, replacing the clock with another identical product or, if this is not possible, having the same or similar technical-functional characteristics of the replaced one. Fermi and preclude any rights which the purchaser by mandatory provisions of law, are therefore excluded from the guarantee provided in accordance with this certificate, among other things:

A) defects attributable to the consumer and, due to methods of use or storage or maintenance not in accordance with the requirements of the user manual and maintenance or common sense;

B) the normal wear of the product or of its parts and components. This warranty is voided if the product is repaired by unauthorized personnel or with non-original parts or do not meet the necessary safety requirements and quality. The occurrence of a malfunction does not involve an extension of the warranty period beyond the deadline in this certificate, which is mandatory. Under no circumstances will result in the replacement of the product outside the situation referred to in this paragraph.



If the consumer finds a glitch that occurs within 24 months when buying the new product, OPS! Objects is committed to ensuring the performance guarantee referred to in paragraph 1 through its network of authorized outlets .


3) HOW

After verifying the existence of any malfunction, the consumer can contact the dealer from whom you acquired OPS! Objects, which will take care to hand over the watch to the authorized SERVICE CENTER OPS! Objects. Upon request of the intervention must be SAME proof of purchase of the product, which must be no more than 24 months prior to the request for intervention (purchase receipt).

Or the consumer may decide to send the defective watch directly to authorized SERVICE CENTER OPS! Objects, at:


Diffusione Orologi srl

OPS! Objects c / o Interporto Campano LOT D N.315/316



For any information you can contact OPS! Objects directly to the e-mail or by phone at toll free number 800 150 300 every day from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00.



This international guarantee can be registered by filling in the form below, to be sent in a sealed envelope to:

Spread LTD Watches - OPS! Objects

Or from home through our website in the Customer Care.



To set the time:

- PULL the crown out to position B;

- TURN the crown to correct the time;

- PUSH the crown back to position A.



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