Accetto i termini della privacy (D.Lgs. 196/2003)


The city, the distances, the time that sets the endless rhythm of the streets, of the lights, of people voices, the alternate of day and night , the hands that meet each other, the smell of the concrete and of the first raindrops that hit the ground. 

The diversities and the mystery of the metropolis, the sensuality and the intimacy of the seconds that mark the emotions of the lives that populate it.

Mission & Vision


To understand the essence of the city, the harmony of the voices buzz, the horns at traffic lights, the steps at the crossroads. To reveal the secret of the magnetic melancholy that makes you feel at home. 

To reflect into the watch and into the jewel, the breath of the city, the contrast between day and night that creates the sunset, the buildings that light upcoming mysteriously to life.


To discover a new time, much slower, made of emotions, heartbeats and breath.


It sometimes happens, flying over a city at night, maybe coming back from a business trip, to stare at it from above and be enchanted by that fascinating twist of streets that seems to compose a perfect picture: every element is linked to another by a plot of lights, distances seem to disappear to make way, like on a big stage,  to life and to the stories in it.

This is the KEBROS brand philosophy, that looks at the city as an experiential space, described by sensations and suggestions, by  private places of the heart, by unforgettable squares, by crossroads where someone felt in love or said goodbye.

The time that sets these moments, to be truly tasted, must be measured by the emotions, the intimacy and the sensations that it transmits because the cities, just like dreams, are built with desires.